Augmented Reality Effects

ARBeautyFashionProductSpace (2020–2021)

A selection of personal AR effects developed using Meta Spark (Instagram) and Lens Studio (Snapchat).

A cosmic site of contemplation, briefly transporting the viewer to an imaginary location surrounded by deep space audio. In designing this AR portal effect, we looked to the simplicity of ikebana and considered the fragile memories left behind by visitors. Developed together with Isabel Palumbo.


Inspired by editorial collages, this effect blends motion-reactive makeup with a surreal screen treatment. Developed with Isabel Palumbo.

Mode Zero

A Snapchat Lens offering you the possibility to virtually embellish a headpiece through custom UI.

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An AR replica of James Turrell’s Crater’s Eye—A room to observe light, time and space within his site at Roden Crater, Arizona.

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Verdant Gleam

A multi-dimensional beauty effect using guided particle systems.

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Commission Printer

A virtual printer for your virtual home office system.

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An exploration of the haze effect and its flow directions.

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Phantom Trilogy

A trio of stylistic references: Japanese horror, Giallo and the ghost of our digital presence.

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Blood Tonic

Interactive beauty effect in reference to the work of makeup artist Valentina Li.

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Glow Touch

Draw a glowing silhouette with your finger in AR space.
Glass Ripples

Create ripples on your face.
Bubble Glass

Imaginary eyewear that expands into a bubble.