I am an interdisciplinary designer with a keen interest in the expression of archetypes, multi-functionality and methods of collaborative exchange.


I conceptualise and produce projects that intersect fashion, art, performance, film, augmented reality and other digital media.


Currently based in NYC.




On the subject of "change"

Having learned to continuously adapt to shifts in cultural, educational and professional contexts, I tend to find gratification through independence and progression, which also explains my inclination towards the subject of transformation and multi-functionality. Through subtle playfulness and structural intricacies, my interdisciplinary projects fulfill their potential by asking the viewer to engage on a level that is both active and thoughtful, as the experience with garments wouldn’t be as rewarding if you were to simply sit back and consume passively.


On the subject of "multi-functionality"

Multi-functionality is a response to the demands of change. For me, it is no longer enough for a garment or object to retain a single purpose. While I aspire to instil a sense of convenience and longevity through creating garments that serve multiple functions, there is a cynical side of me that wants to force the participant (user, viewer, or reader) into a position where they must also do some work to understand the various constituents of the project.


On the subject of "collaboration"

I approach “collaboration” in the sense that it is an experiential exchange. I’d like to think of it as an assemblage of roles — the designer, performer, viewer and garment, and that the inclusivity of a participatory project is not only seen as an idealistic approach for constructing these relationships, but a pragmatic one in facilitating thoughtful engagement. Physical or implicit, I believe a collaboration could take place at any stage of a project, at conception, production, or perception.












Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)

1st Class Honours | RMIT University

2015 - 2018






Design Graduate of the Year --- State Winner

Design Institute of Australia



AUSFF Scholarship Award --- Winner

Australian Fashion Foundation



Top Student Designer --- Winner

Melbourne Fashion Week | Australian Fashion Council



Student Film Award --- Finalist

Film premiere/participation in the official festival program

ASVOFF (A Shaded View on Fashion Film) | France








Harper's Bazaar




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