Exercise Nº 1

2017 | Third-year project from BFash (Design) (Hons)

Short film | 4:57 minutes

Directed, produced, and edited by Helena Dong, Exercise Nº 1 is a rhythmic narration of gestures shaped by the anecdotes of twenty-seven creative individuals.


The narrative of this film derives from the unique relationships that the interviewees have with fashion. The abstract poem created based on these responses is embedded throughout the duration of the film in the form of Morse code.


Professions among the interviewees:

designer, student, musician, artist, creative director, photographer, stylist, film-maker, jeweller, collector, and fashion retail consultant.

Talent --- Milly James

Creative direction / production / editing --- Helena Dong

Cinematography / stills --- Kevin Cheung

Lighting / sound ---  Hudson Sowada

HMUA --- Hannah Cheng

Production assistance --- Ebony Tiffin & Deshar Rowse


Music --- Matthew Paine

Poem --- Leah McIntosh

Costume --- Helena Dong & Yashna Seethiah

Prop provision --- Dust Merchants & Acne Studios