2016 | Second-year project from BFash (Design) (Hons)


This project explores the potential for clothing to be perceived as 'alive' by prescribing a body of garments with responsive abilities.


Following the contour of the body, the patterns for these garments were produced via methods of drape in reference to the delicate pleating techniques of Madame Grès.


As the grain of a cloth bears resemblance to the life-sustaining veins of a living entity, the surface of the textiles used in these garments have been applied with thermochromic and hydrochromic materials to enable a direct change of colour in response to varying temperatures and humidity.

Upon contact with water, the white external layer fades, and the fabric's true pattern is revealed.

As the garment dries, the white layer returns.

With an increase in temperature, the pleated panel lightens, and a variety of colours emerge.

Photography --- Heather Lighton