2016 | Second-year tailoring from BFash (Design) (Hons)


With a focus on tailoring being the culmination of patience, care and precision pledged by the maker, this project (the jacket) is the tangible outcome of a state of mind that transcends physical attributes.


As well as encompassing  traditional tailoring techniques, this jacket is designed with the capacity to metamorphose through seven stages.


This metamorphosis begins with a conventional silhouette, and through a series of detachments and rearrangements with the adoption of strings, eyelets, and hooks and eyes, the jacket takes on a reconfigured form while retaining all aspects of what considers a garment tailored.

A chest piece, lifted and REversed.

Technical illustration of The Original.

A sleeve drops.

Pieces REmoved from the back.

Technical illustration of The REarranged.

Photography --- Heather Lighton

Talent --- Georgah Crane


A lapel, REpositioned.